Brief uit Wit-Rusland:

29 mei

Hola mates! This is the guy from Belarus who was telling you all the
horrors of belarus šŸ™‚

So i’m writting you for several reasons. I’m really sorry for writing
this late, but over here we have too much things to do and few people.

First of all i’m writing to let you know that the courts over anarchists
cases in Minsk are over now. The guys were sentenced:

Igor Olinevich – 8 years in the prison of high security
Nikolai Dedok – 4.5 years in the prison of high security
Aleksandr Franckevich – 3 years in the prison of high security

Those bastards who sold us out got 4 and 1.5 of restraint of liberty
(Maxim Vetkin and Smth Silivonchik (don’t know his first name))

So yep, the whole process was quite a mess, and eventually the only
thing the state prosecutor got was the witnesses who were saying that
they were facing pressure from the KGB agents and police. Also during
the process there were hell a lot of pigs around the building: several
riot police squads, the pigs from the department of fighting with the
organized crime, KGB and many others. Filming everyone and so on…

Few people who sold us and became witnesses – they were denying any
pressure from the pigs, although one of them openly said that he was
afraid during interrogations.

So this is it. Most probably there will be more courts trying to review
the decision of the court, but it’s not clear yet. We are all here
hoping and doing out best so the revolution will come really soon to get
rid of this shit and get our friends out of the jails. After all now we
have one more reason for the revolution šŸ™‚

Second – thx a lot for your help. It mean a lot for us out here. The
work you’ve done for us is amazing and really appreciated. Below you can
find THX from ABC-Belarus collective :))

With love, rage and anarchy

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