Still People

Here is the zine “Still People” that tells about one

activist’s time in foreign detention here in the Netherlands.

On July 5th 2011 roughly 150 people were arrested for refusing to follow a

police order at the demonstration held at the eviction of the squat

‘Schijnheilig’ in Amsterdam. It was one of the largest mass arrests ever

made in the Netherlands. All of the arrestees who could not or would not

produce an identity card at the police station were put into custody of

the foreign police. During the following week most of the arrestees showed their IDs and were released. Eight of them were transferred to the (euphemistically called) ‘detention centers’ of Zaandam and Rotterdam

Zestienhoven, where they were imprisoned for up to two months.

The zine “Still People” is one person’s personal account of her

experiences in foreign detention, both in Rotterdam Zestienhoven and

elsewhere, during a previous experience with foreign detention. The zine, illustrated by Helena Sanders, can be bought at the bookshop ‘ t Fort van Sjakoo or red in it’s entirety here.

Still People (.pdf)

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